Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Foo Fighters sing at iPhone 5 launch

While Apple launches its newest phone, the iPhone 5, the keynote definitely ended on a high when The Foo Fighters took to the stage to perform several hit songs.

image source: The Verge

Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer have twins

The oscar winning actress and "True Blood" star and her husband have welcomed twins, their spokesperson has reported. The babies are healthy even though born a couple of weeks early.

image source: ewen and donabel

Jerry Lawler, in serious but stable condition

Update: Jerry Lawler has not suffered brain damage after being deprived from oxygen for a few minutes on Monday Night, his son has reported after a CT scan.

Perhaps wrestling's most beloved and famous commentator which has suffered a heart attack live Monday night on WWE's RAW, finds himself in a stable condition after heart surgery, with fears of possible brain damage not yet discarded. Lawler, 62 years old, had wrestled just 45 minutes before the incident, and was calling a match when he collapsed. Family and friends are by his side, with updates praising the contribution which the EMT's has in saving his life.

image source: daysofthundr46

Michael J. Fox takes part in 9/11 charity event

The Back to The Future star has taken part yesterday in Cantor Fitzgerald's charity in honor of the over 600 employees that the financial firm lost on that tragic day. Fox labeled the event "a celebration of humanity".

image source: djtomdog

R. Kelly owes more tax money

The singer reportedly owes several million dollars in taxes (an extra $1.3 million on top of what he already owed), and while his reps are trying to handle the situation with the government, R.Kelly could find himself in deep trouble if this issue doesn't get solved soon.

image source: andrew steinmetz